'Millions' fell asleep while driving last year

That whole head-nodding thing and the attendent drooling is one thing we could do without in life. And according to a survey by Brake, the road safety charity, one in eight drivers has succumbed to this during the past year.

That's four million people who either have or been dangerously close to nodding off while at the wheel.

Brake recommends that whenever we feel ourselves getting tired, we should pull over to have a nap or to take control of ourselves, before moving on. But really, this strategy would mean most of us end up being late for work in the morning. It recommends that drivers open the window, and take rest breaks for 15 minutes every two hours. But if you've got to get somewhere quick, this surely will just end up making your journey arduous and long. A degree of tiredness on the motorway is sadly inevitable, as they are afterall extremely boring to be on. However, caffeine can lend a helping hand, and not just coffee. Keep a can of Red Bull handy for emergency situations. You'll find that sleeping on it is nigh on impossible then!

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