Mini cashes in on Olympics with special edition hatchback

It would be almost weird if that iconic British brand the Mini didn’t do something to make pennies out of the 2012 Olympics, and so it has proved with Mini announcing the launch of a special edition of its celebrated hatchback to mark the 2012 games.

And what makes it so special, pray tell? Well, this limited edition takes the novel step of being decked out in the Union Jack flag in order no doubt to help spur on Team GB in its quest for Olympic glory.

Mini and parent company BMW have already been chosen as the ‘official cars’ of the games, so expect a lot of them on the streets of London next year.

A source from Mini said that this new Olympic edition will take the same format of other special edition Minis, by offering extra equipment as part of a package. ‘We presume it would take the same form as current Mini special editions,’ the source said.

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