Find Mini Cooper alloys for sale online at great prices

When it comes to buying Mini Cooper alloys for sale prices, there's only one place to go on the net, and that's Performance Alloys. Located online at performancealloys.com, the company offers one of the most impressive ranges of alloy wheels to be found anywhere in the world. With more than ten thousand different alloy wheels available, it's no surprise that Performance Alloys have a reputation for being the very best in the business.

Founded back in 1996 in Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland, Performance Alloys has one of the best, friendliest and most knowledgeable groups of staff we have ever encountered when it comes to alloy wheels.

Not only do they know everything there is to know about alloys, but they're always happy to share their knowledge or allow you to pick their brain in case you've got some questions to ask before you commit to your purchase.When it comes to Mini Cooper alloys, their prices start for as little as £60.20 per wheel. While you can go almost as high as £4,000 for a single set, the vast majority of Performance Alloys' wheels are available for knock down prices of between £80.00 and £150.00 per wheel.

If you're concerned that the cost if shipping is going to ramp up the final price of your purchase, you needn't be worried since Performance Alloys offer free next day delivery on all orders (although whether or not you get it the next day depends very much on where in the UK you're located and what time of day you put the order in at).

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