MINI Cooper Countryman ALL4 Dakar Limited Edition Announced

MINI are celebrating back-to-back victories in the Dakar Rally with a new special edition. The all-wheel drive MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4 Dakar has equipment inspired by the MINI All4 Racing machine that French duo Stéphane Peterhansel and Jean-Paul Cottret took to overall victory two years in a row.

This MINI will be available as an extremely a limited edition. Only 11 will ever be built, a number that reflects Peterhansel’s 11 victories at Dakar. It's based on the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman and is the first to combine technologies honed in rallying with an all-wheel drive system which channels the 218 bhp generated by the turbocharged four cylinder engine to each wheel as its needed based on the driving conditions.

Outside, the MINI’s look is inspired by the Dakar winning MINI All4 Racing machine, so black matt paint with bright green distinguish this MINI from others on the road. There are sports stripes with the Dakar Rally winner logo and Peterhansel’s signature on them along the bonnet and the words “MINI All4 Racing” is written along the stripes that flow through the car’s flanks.

There’s a John Cooper badge at the rear along with another Dakar Rally winner’s logo, and inside there’s green stitching on the floor mats and around the gearshift. The head rests have the winner’s logo embroidered and the centre console has also been bordered with green stripes. There is a special edition logo and serial number written above the glove box. The John Cooper steering wheel and black leather seats create a sports car ambience that’s continued outside, where spotlights and 19 inch alloys complete the look.

Unfortunately this most British of cars that won a Rally in Africa won’t be sold anywhere but in the winning driver’s home country, so unless you travel to France this summer you’re unlikely to see one on the road.

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