Learning About Mini Motorcycles

Mini motorcycles range in engine size from 45 to 110cc and come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. There are some built for racing and these can have engine capacities exceeding 100cc. These bikes have the majority of the features other more powerful motorcycles have and in terms of speed, can clock over 96.5 kilometres per hour.

Types of Mini Bikes

If you are into racing, there is a range of Ducati, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki mini superbikes you can choose from. These provide you with the same quality of performance – fast acceleration, responsive braking, quick side-to-side transitions that you will get in the bigger machines. The engine also sounds as ferocious as a 250cc or 500cc bike. There are also mini dirt bikes from the same manufacturers.

Where to Find Mini Bikes

Almost all dealers in motorbikes will have mini motorcycles as well, since they are made by the same manufacturers. May of these dealers have online stores from which you can do searches of the different makes available according to manufacturer, year of manufacture, engine size, dirt bike or racing bike, etc., if you like what you find, you can go ahead and place an order online. A number of car dealers also stock mini bikes. You can check out the sites below to help you get started.

  • Motorcycle.co.uk
  • Motorcyclenews.com
  • Starmotorcycles.com
  • Uk-mini-motos.co.uk


Though they have the important motorcycle parts that the bigger bikes have, mini motorcycles are significantly cheaper. With as little as £149, you can get a new Honda Mini Moto complete with protective clothing. For £250 you can get a mini dirt bike, also with protective gear. Cost of delivery is included in both cases. Go on and treat your thrill-seeking self to best of mini motorcycles today!

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