Mini Paceman Life Ball 2013 by Roberto Cavalli

Mini is known for supporting worthwhile causes. In 2001 they supported the Life Ball for the first time and since then designers like Mario Testino, Agent Provocateur and The Blonds have contributed to Europe’s biggest AIDS and HIV charity event with their own take on the quintessentially British Mini.

Two years ago in Vienna, Mini showed 3 striking designs from Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein and Diane von Furstenberg. Each car was auctioned for massive amounts, which were of course donated to charity. This year’s famous fashion designer is Roberto Cavalli. He has created a Mini Paceman unlike any other on the road. It was revealed a few hours before it went to auction in Vienna at the AIDS Solidarity Gala at Hofburg Palace.

The one-off design is covered in an exclusive colour that Cavalli already uses for his own private fleet of cars. The paint sparkles in the light and appears black or brown depending on the conditions. There is a large Cavalli logo on the car’s roof and his signature adorns the doors. The wheels and the roof are painted gold, as are the headlight and rear light surrounds. There’s an all-black interior inside with gilded elements throughout to give the car an extravagant look. As with any good designer product, the maker’s logo is present throughout the cabin and sits most proudly on the headrests.

There’s no word on the amount of money the car went for or who it was sold to, but that’s not the point of a machine like this. This is all about Mini doing their bit for charity and although the cause is a serious one, the event is always a celebration and a fun occasion. Who Mini will work with next is anyone’s guess but you can expect to see them back at the Life Ball in 2014.

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