Mini Vision Concept Car and Mini III Update

The Mark 3 Mini is currently undergoing warm and cold weather testing as has been captured in spy shots published throughout the internet, so MINI has put out a set of images that give an impression of what we can expect when the third generation machine hits our roads. But the Mini Vision isn’t a sneak preview of the new machine, but it gives a very good idea of the shape of things to come.

The new Mini was designed by the firm’s new chief of design, Anders Warming, who was also responsible for the BMW i8. Although you can take this image as a very rough impression of the new machine, a few of the design cues in the rendering highlight that this is a design exercise rather than a glance into the future. If you’ve seen any of the spy shots you’ll know that the windscreen on the next generation machine is flatter than the windscreen shown here and the lack of shut lines along the doors is also a giveaway.

Mini are promising a new range when the 2014 Mini arrives, each will be based on a new platform that’s being developed with parent firm BMW. Inside the cabin the round gauges are set to return, so the retro look will remain but the biggest changes are to be found under the bonnet. A new range of 3-cylinder engines has been developed for both diesel and petrol fuels and will feature BMW’s “Twin Power Turbo” technology.

BMW are expecting the new 3-cylinder engines to power a production run of 1.5 million Minis and BMWs per year and will be hoping that the new model range for the Mini helps boost sales. The new car will be available in six shapes: hatch, convertible, coupe, Clubman estate, roadster and Paceman coupe, which is basically a two-door Countryman.

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