Mini’s ‘big design leap’

Big things come in small packages, so the cliché goes. And the launch of a new Mini is certainly a big thing. BMW design group boss Adrian van Hooydonk is excited by plans for the next generation Mini, and is convinced it will be a ‘bigger design leap than the last one.’

According to van Hooydonk (we think no relation to the former Celtic player), the new Mini design boss, Anders Warming is going to start from scratch with the design of the Mk3 Mini although ‘we have to balance that against the fact that it is the brand’s core model, like the 3, 5 and 7-series rolled into one,’ he said.

Sources in the know claim the company is working on a new, swanky interior design, to replace the design constant of the centrally mounted speedometer.

Whatever it looks like, we’re salivating at the prospect of a new iconic Mini on our roads and in our garages.

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