Money where its mouth is

The Government has announced a £400 million investment in order to get UK consumers to buy electric cars.

Around 11,000 charging points are expected to be installed in streets, car parks and big supermarkets over the next 18 months. This follows a study that found that while it is far cheaper to run an electric car, it is still a lot more expensive to buy one.

The study by the Department of Energy and Climate Change shows that electric cars cost a minimum of £10,000 more to buy than a petrol car. But they will end up cheaper if drivers cover 10,000 miles a year for four years - taking fuel costs, road tax, parking and congestion charges into consideration.

The Nissan Leaf costs roughly 2p per mile compared with 14p for a similarly-sized Ford Focus. Once the cost to buy one goes down you can see that punters are going to go racing after these new vehicles.

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