Easy DIY monthly auto maintenance checklist

One of the best things you can do for your car is to keep it in good condition. Keeping your car in good condition will not only optimise its value, but also save you costly trips to the mechanic or repair shop. Part of keeping your car in good condition is following a monthly auto maintenance schedule. Here are a few things you can do on your own in just a few minutes to keep your car running smoothly.

Car maintenance routines

The small things you do on your own in monthly auto maintenance routines save you loads of money and stress. Check the following things at least once every month:

Check headlights and tail lights

Park your car and with it still on walk around to see if all the light are working properly, including headlights, turn signals, emergency flashers and tail/brake lights. Replace any lights that are not working properly as soon as possible.

Check tire pressure

Inspect tires for uneven wear, cuts, leaks, damage and pressure. Refer to the manufacturer’s tire chart to determine the correct air pressure for your car and replace or repair any damaged tires. Most petrol station have areas where you can check the pressure and inflate tires yourself if necessary.

Check wiper fluid

Check the wiper fluid level regularly and keep the windscreen washer reservoir full to the indicated level. Also, examine the windshield wiper blades to see if the rubber is worn out. Windshield wipers blades should be replaced every six to 12 months.

"Check Engine" light

When your car’s "Check Engine" light comes on, it means the car's onboard computer system has self-diagnosed some kind of problem. Watch out for this light and any other dashboard warning messages always. If you see the warning lights, get service immediately to correct the problem.


You can perform all of these monthly auto maintenance tasks quickly and easily at home or at the petrol station while filling up your tank. If you feel there are any items on the car maintenance checklist that you are not comfortable performing on your own, let your trusted car service technician take care of it for you. The important thing is to ensure your car is in good working condition and running smoothly.

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