More anti-lock brakes on bikes please

Locking the front wheel while braking is a recipe for serious injury, and can happen when you're riding on a worn surface and you brake suddenly.

But while almost 100 percent of cars boast anti-lock brakes, across Europe only 26 percent of bikes are fitted with them, and if your bike has a smaller capacity, that figure is only three percent.

The cost has always presented firms with a headache. The system of a motorbike has to be the same as a car, and is controlled by an onboard computer. Throw ABS in the mix and you're looking at a significant increase to the overall price.

Another issue is fitting all the hardware within the system. In the meantime, the latest system is small and cheap enough to become a serious proposition for lightweight motorcycles, exactly where it's needed. The reason for this is that these are the bikes used by the least-experienced riders.

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