More good UK car news

With recent news that McLaren is intending to build a new fleet of sports cars in Woking and used car sales on the increase the British car industry looks to have finally left the recession in its rear view mirror. To add to this it’s just been announced that Europe’s biggest electric car plant will be built in our very own Sunderland.

The Nissan car factory will get a £420 million cash boost and will specifically be the production base for their forthcoming electric Leaf car. In the plan 4,500 new jobs are expected to be created. Talking about the plant, Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said; ‘This investment is a fantastic vote of confidence in the Sunderland plant and its excellent workforce. Todays news from Nissan, with support from Government, shows that by working together we can achieve our aim of making the UK a world-leader in ultra-low carbon vehicles’.

Now we just have to pray to God that somebody actually buys an electric car.

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