Save big with Morrisons sat nav deals

While you might not necessarily associate Morrisons with top of the range high-tech electronic equipment, they've been trotting out some great deals on sat nav gps systems in the past few years and, as anyone who bought one will tell you, they certainly do know how to pick a great deal for their customers.

Recent deals on Morrisons sat navs have included the excellent Navman M300, part of the superb budget Mio range. This slimline three and a half inch sat nav offers a wide range of features including SiRFInstantFixII GPS which means a lightning fast GPS connection from almost anywhere in the United Kingdom, a clever day and night display which adjusts the brightness for optimal viewing conditions, safety camera alerts and brilliant spoken motorway exit instructions and lane guidance systems to ensure that you'll never miss a turn off on a busy motorway again.

The Navman M300 features the very latest Tele Atlas map technology for the UK and Republic of Ireland which can be viewed in 2D or 3D depending on your preference. Coming with a car charger and windscreen mounting kit, the slimline 79 x 93 x 19 mm design puts this right up there among the most portable devices on the market, and Morissons have it on very special offer in stores for just £39.98 - an absolutely incredible deal for anyone looking to supplement their geographical knowledge (or distinct lack of it in our case) with some ever reliable computer technology.

For the latest offers on Morrison sat navs, keep an eye on www.morrisons.co.uk and in your local store.

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