Most common mistakes when taking a driving test

Driving tests can be nerve racking experiences filled with the dread that you’ll bump the kerb, not stop when the tester yells or that you’ll get into an accident but none of those things are the most common mistakes made during a driving test.

Mistakes to avoid

Poor observation at junctions can be very dangerous so this is one of the main reasons people are failed. Most drivers who fail at this point do so because they’re panicking about getting out of the junction without making a mistake. If you take your time, remain calm and check both directions before setting off, this is one obstacle that won’t get in the way of you being awarded your licence.

Blind spots

Failing to check blind spots during a reverse parking is another common reason people fail in this country. The tester will know if you’re checking your blind spots or just moving your head to suggest you are, so don’t pretend. Make sure that the tester knows that you’re fully aware of what’s around you, or you will fail on this.


Indicators are supposed to help other motorists and pedestrians to remain safe as you’re giving them warning of your intentions. If you get this muddled up and you indicate left while heading right or vice versa, you’ll be failed.

Positioning on the road

You need to be aware of where your car is in the lane. It’s not something you need to concentrate on, but you need to make sure that you stay within the lines, especially at roundabouts and corners.


Speeding is a no-no whenever you drive but on a test, it’ll get you kick off immediately. Be aware of the road’s speed and keep to it. A common mistake new drivers make on their test is to drive too slowly. This is just as dangerous as driving too fast, and it’ll get you a fail.

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