Top 5 most reliable cars

Two recent studies by Which? Car magazine and What Car? magazine, in conjunction with insurance company Warranty Direct, have produced very similar results. In both studies, over 50,000 motorists were surveyed. The results on each report confirm that Japanese cars are by far the most reliable cars on British roads.

Although the two publications agree that Japanese cars are the most reliable cars on Britain’s roads, they couldn’t agree on the top five manufacturers. Both magazines included Honda, Toyota and Lexus in their top five, but in a different order. Honda was second on Which? Cars list and first for drivers surveyed by What? Car. Lexus was fifth for Which? Car and forth on What? Car’s list, whilst Toyota was placed third with Which? Car and fifth with its rival publication.

Which? Car

Which? Car’s list was topped by Daihatsu. Unfortunately for British motorists, Daihatsu have recently announced that from 2013 they will no longer sell new cars in Europe. Mazda was the other manufacturer to make Which? Car’s top five. They placed sixth in What? Car’s list. Although many of the manufacturer’s cars are based on the platforms shared by similar sized Fords, the Japanese car maker provides far more reliable motoring than its parent company.

What? Car

What? Car’s list contained two that didn’t make it into its rival’s list: Subaru and Mitsubishi. Of these two, Subaru were placed the highest. Cars from 2003 onwards scored particularly well with British drivers, but older models let the car maker down. It’s a similar story for Mitsubishi, who scored well with owners of cars built within the last eight years.

Final word

Car makers Honda, Toyota and Lexus were universally praised in both surveys of Britain's most reliable cars. Both new and used Honda cars scored highly, but for Toyota it was a different story. They gained most of their rating from reliable older models because they have recently carried out a number of recalls. Lexus, who are a division of the Toyota Motor Corporation, also fared better with older models.

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