What to look for in motorbike helmets

Motorbike helmets are vitally important. Not wearing a helmet while driving a motorbike in the UK is against the law, but you shouldn't just buy a cheap one just because you must wear one. Take your time and buy one wisely as it is important to have a good helmet.

The style of motorbike helmets can be important. Probably the most common is the full face helmet, and these are the safest style of helmet. Open face helmets are good for going around the town and feeling the wind in your face but they offer limited protection and wouldn't be as effective in a high speed accident. Flip top helmets are like a blend of both. They are handy for stopping occasionally and you can flip the helmet from a full face style to an open face style by flipping it up: good for checking maps, buying fuel and talking to people, but again not as safe as the traditional full face helmets.

Ensure you buy a helmet that fits correctly. Shape and comfort are important - not everyone’s head is shaped the same! If you are ordering online, look for a returns policy that will allow an exchange or refund if the helmet doesn't fit.

Low wind noise is another important factor when buying a helmet. You won't want air to be filtering into the helmet and causing a lot of noise - this can be annoying and more importantly it can be distracting. Ensure the helmet is fitted well and the visor sites tight. This will reduce wind noise.

There are many important factors to consider when buying motorbike helmets. Get advice and find one that is right, rather than buying a cheap one so you are not breaking the law. A good helmet will last long and keep you safe so it is worth spending some extra time and money to find the right one.

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