Purchasing motorbike tyres online

Most motorbike tyres online provide you with a full range of specific tyre ranges and types, but if you need specialist tyres for competitions or races for example, you may need to find a specialist online retailer to provide these. As with any online shopping experience, you should try and find the best deal available by looking through a variety of websites and comparing prices.

Types of tyres to purchase online

If you want to purchase motorbike tyres online you need to make sure you know what type of tyre you're looking for. This will help refine your search and also lead you to companies who are more experienced/specialise in producing certain components for your bike model. Most online websites provide the following motorbike tyres:

Motorbike sports tyres

Motorbike sports tyres have a higher temperature resistance than most tyres (not as high as competition tyres) and come in "soft", "supersoft" and "hypersoft" types. If you have a sports bike, a sports tyre is probably ideal for your model. They perform well on smooth surfaces compared to other tracks.

Sports and touring tyres

These tyres are a hybrid between sports tyres and touring/road tyres; they usually have very good grip and a higher temperature tolerance than road tyres. Compared to sports tyres, these tyres have a higher life expectancy and are suitable for varied use but can sometimes be more expensive than other tyre types.

Road tyres

Road tyres have excellent grip and operate at low temperatures, making them ideal for urban trips and riding in the rain. If you use your motorbike to commute or only in urban areas, these tyres are perfect for you.

All-surface motorbike tyres

All surface motorbike tyres are used for motorbikes that go on other terrain than road, i.e. mud, mountains or rocky surfaces. They're not very effective on the road, but can be used to drive short distances.

Motorbike tyre retailers online

Here are some of the places where you can purchase motorbike tyres online from. These webshops offer all the range of tyres listed above and, for some websites, a few other motorbike tyre models that might be ideal for your needs:

  • blackcircles.com/bikes
  • nationalbiketyres.co.uk/
  • tyre-shopper.co.uk/motorcycle-tyres.asp

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