How to pass the motorcycle theory test

If you want to drive a motorcycle, it is imperative to take the motorcycle theory test before you can get on the road on your two-wheeler. It is necessary to do this before you can do your practical test. Prepare yourself adequately so you can pass the exam and proceed to the next phase.

What you need to do

For you to pass the motorcycle theory test, you have to be familiar with the road safety rules and regulations. To prepare for the exam, there are several things you can do:

  • - Get the Highway Code

One of the most useful source materials is the Highway Code which gives a comprehensive overview of road safety and regulations. You will read about rules for pedestrians and those for users of motorised wheelchairs or mobility scooters. There are separate rules for animals, cyclists as well as motorcyclists and drivers. Techniques and advice for all riders and drivers are covered. Other topics include driving in adverse weather conditions, directions on roads and motorways, light signals, road markings and road signs.

  • - Download ‘Know your traffic signs’

Another source material which is extremely important is the ‘Know your traffic signs' available for download at a cost of £4.99. It includes detailed signing system, speed limits and other relevant info.

  • - Buy ‘Essential skills range’

For motorcycle learners, ‘The Official DSA Theory Test for Motorcyclists Pack 2013 Edition (DVD-ROM and DVD)' is a relevant software guide costing £19.99. 'The Official DSA Biker Pack 2013 (DVD-ROM and DVD)' sold at the same price is also an alternative.

Once you know these theories, test your knowledge with a practice theory exam online.

  • - Hazard Perception part

To prepare for this part, you must get ‘The official guide to hazard perception' available from The Stationery Office. It costs £13.33.

The next steps

In essence, there are 2 parts to the motorcycle theory test: the multiple choice and the hazard perception part. Book your driving theory test in advance. To do this, go to gov.uk and reserve your space. You will need a provisional driving licence number and email address for booking confirmation. You can retake the test after 3 working days if you fail it the first time.

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