What to Enjoy from Motorcycles Direct

Motorcycles Direct at motorcyclesdirect.co.uk is best known for their collection of Kawasaki motorcycles. The website prides itself for having the largest size of available Kawasaki models in the UK, all of which are guaranteed to be originally designed for UK use instead of being mere imports. Other brands that the website carries include Sym and Honda.

An Award-Winning Company

Located in Watford, Hertfordshire, this company has been reaping rewards for the past few years. One of its latest was being named 2008 Dealer of the Year by MNC or Motorcycle News, Europe’s largest motorcycling publication.


Not all people are aware that this motorcycle-selling site also offers servicing and repair. In fact, you can enjoy use of a courtesy motorbike whilst you have your bike repaired with the company. Just make sure to present any valid proof of purchase to prove that the bike requiring repairing was purchased first hand from their site.

Do You Need a Bike for Hire?

Who says only cars and vans are available for rental? If you wish to hire a bike as well, you can do so with its sister website bikehiredirect.co.uk. They have all kinds of motorbikes available and they may even be taken all over Europe. You can also have it insured for just 50 GBP per week!

Do You Want to Buy a Used Bike?

Lastly, Motorcycles Direct is also an ideal place to visit if you want to purchase a second hand bike. If you need financing, the website can also refer you to their lending company partner Black Horse at blackhorse.co.uk.

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