Motorists' film crew anger

Isn't it great to see Hollywood stars roaming out streets? But when residents' parking bays are suspended to make way for film crews, temperatures run high!

In Islington, 420 motorists have had their cars towed away and in Camden the council refuses to make alternative parking arrangements or compensate those who fall foul of zealous film crews.

Letting film crews use the streets is you see quite the money spinner it seems. A dozen councils managed to raise more than a quarter of a million pounds over the last two years, according to Freedom of Information inquiries made by the Daily Telegraph.

'There has been a great deal of resentment at the way in which parking spaces have been closed off,' said Pam White, a member of the Primrose Hill Residents’ Association.

'We had a crew of 40 to 50 people who shut off a street for five hours for 10 minutes shooting of an ad for online gaming with Barbara Windsor.

Not that Babs would be complaining. Andrew Howard, spokesperson for the AA, claims that motorists are not happy with the inconvenience of handing over their streets to film companies.

'It’s nice for the council which gets money and raises the profile of the area. New Zealand has been trading for years on Lord of the Rings,' he said.

'But it is pretty rough on the motorist, especially if they are on holiday when the flaming takes place and they find their has been towed away to make room for a film crew.

'After all this is a parking space the motorist has paid for – in some cases we are talking – about hundreds of pounds – which has been removed at the stroke of a pen,' he added.

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