Motorists in favour of speed cameras

Over half of the drivers who took part in a new poll are sceptical over the placing of speed cameras, believing they are out to catch motorists out and make money more than to prevent injury and save lives.

That said, there is a broad support for speed cameras in general, with 79 percent believing they are a good thing and over half believing that road deaths and serious injuries would rise should they be turned off. A further 70 percent of respondents thought that speed awareness courses were a better idea than prosecution, with support for this idea particularly high among 17-24 year olds.

'Support for cameras is strong as is support for speed awareness training rather than fines or points,' said IAM director of policy and research Neil Greig.

'Prosecuting and fining drivers does not improve driving skills or awareness of the hazards of excessive speed. Training would reduce the number of casualties and prosecutions. That so many young people want this is very positive.'

He added: 'Many motorists are still cynical about the aims and deployment of speed cameras and much more work needs to be done to dispel their negative perceptions. In times of cut-backs to police budgets, speed cameras are an essential part of the policing toolkit, but it's clear that the public need reassuring about their purpose and funding.'

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