Motorway signs to tell drivers to take the train

Motorway signs could soon start giving motorists advice about alternative ways of reaching their destination, in new plans being considered by the government.

Local transport minister Norman Baker has said that digital overhead signs could provide drivers with information about how long a rail journey along the same route would take in a bid to ease congestion on overcrowded motorways.

'On a busy single carriageway road that is normally congested, if you have a sign there saying the railway journey along this parallel corridor is half the time of the road journey people might think of changing to the train,' Baker explained.

But the AA wasn't entirely on board with the new plans, with AA spokesperson Paul Watters telling the Guardian: 'Persuading drivers that switching from car to rail or coach by signing along the motorway will be hard work and will be ineffectual if over-optimistic messages lead to disappointment when people try to switch.'

'We welcome improved modal interchange opportunities but signage alone will not do the trick – there needs to be excellent park-and-ride facilities and high quality frequent services to attract and retain driver support.'

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