Must-Have Car Tools and Accessories for Your Car

Think of it as your car’s survival gear in the urban jungle; or props to help damsels in distress if you ever encounter a fellow motorist that needs roadside assistance.

The basics include a flashlight, a set of jumper cables, a set of flares or long orange glowsticks. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, so it’s better to be properly equipped.

A tyre pressure gauge helps you keep tabs on your rubber, be wary that badly inflated tyres are a danger (blow-outs) and also cost you money in lower fuel mileage and faster tread wear. A small air compressor that plugs into your cigarette lighter is handy for quick pressure boosts if you’re nowhere near a service station.

For the most common headache—flat tyres, get a decent lug wrench, the plus shaped ones so that you can apply extra torque to unscrew tight lugs when you have to change tyres. The lug wrench also makes for a decent weapon if you decide to fend off either animals or criminals.

Any kind of emergency kit is a must, you can put one together that include a multi-bit screwdriver, an emergency thermal blanket if you live in a cold climate and a small first aid kit—all affordable gear that you can get from any auto parts store.

A spare key is invaluable—you may hide it on a spare key holder somewhere in your car. You won’t know what a relief it is to have one until you finally use it.

Keep a mobile phone handy to call a nearby garage or the police for any trouble you encounter.

Plastic bags are handy for carrying trash, duct tape for holding things together, a bottle of water and a sleeve of crackers, floormats and seatcovers to keep the wear and tear on the seats and flooring minimal, a stash of tissues, the latest folding map, an old pair of durable gloves to keep your hands clean when you go under the hood, a spare towel to clean yourself off after a tyre change, and even small, cheap pillows for trips.

It’s better to be geared up with all or most of these accessories to help you face any trouble on the road.


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