Mv3 Alloys for sale!

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Looking for a new set of alloys to make the most of your car? Read on for the latest news on some quality Mv3 alloys for sale .

Brand new 18" Mv2 Evo Style alloy wheels for sale. The alloys come with tyres and are fully fitted and balanced. The tyres are all weather with a width of 225mm. Postage and packaging is £25 with an estimated 2-3 days delivery time. The asking price is £490. For more details visit the supaprice website.

4 brand new 18" Mv3 Evo Style alloy wheels with tyres for the BMW E46 3 series. Tyre type is all weather and have a width of 225mm. Metal type is aluminium and the rim structure is one piece. The starting bid is £490. Please visit www.supaprice.co.uk for more information.

4 new BMW E46 MV1 alloys for sale in the Leicester area. The alloys have been refurbished and the tyres have been put back on them. The alloys are being sold through eBay and the starting bid is £200. They are for pick up only from Leicester.

2 genuine BMW MV1 rear alloy wheels for sale. The alloys are used and there are a few minor marks on the alloys but otherwise they are in very good condition. The postage is a standard delivery charge of £20. If interested, please visit eBay.

BMW E90/E91 set of new 3 series genuine Spider Mv3 alloys for sale. Size is 18". The alloys are in condition and with tyres. The asking price is £795. If interested please visit www.essential-b-mparts.co.uk for more details.

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