Mazda MX5 replacement parts

The Mazda MX5 was introduced in 1989, with the aim of offering relatively cheap and fun driving to the masses.

The reasonably cheap price of a new MX5 coupled with the rear wheel drive roadster fun which it offered meant that from a corporate perspective, it was a downright success for the Japanese firm. To this day it continues to be the most popular convertible sports car sold, with the 900,000 unit milestone achieved in February of 2011.

The fact that so many have been sold in the lifetime of the mx5, means that when things go wrong with it, or when parts get damaged, it is almost a given that replacement parts will be available within an arms length of the owners location.

The traditional and recommended route is to usually visit your local Mazda dealer, and order genuine MX5 replacement parts. This however is naturally the most expensive way of going about getting MX5 parts, due to the reliability and warranty attached with such purchases.

Depending on your location, the best way to locate good value replacement parts for your MX5 would be to visit an online auction or classifieds website, such as www.ebay.co.uk or www.donedeal.ie. These websites will more often than not host a large collection of MX5 parts which have come off other cars, which are now for sale by the owner. The latter of these websites also allows you to place a wanted advertisement, where you can state the required part in the hope that someone somewhere will have one for sale.

If the above two methods surprisingly turn up no relative results, a visit to your nearest breakers yard may be the next best option. The breakers yard is a place where cars and other vehicles which have been part or fully damaged, are broken up and sold off part by part.

Check your local business listings directory to find your nearest dealer.

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