National anthem 'too short'

After a stunning victory over the weekend at the German Grand Prix, the 2008 F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton reflected on a perfect day for him by saying that he wants the UK National Anthem to be longer to help him savour victory more on the podium.

'I am massively proud to hear the national anthem,' an ecstatic Hamilton told BBC radio after the race. 'The only thing is that everyone else’s is much longer than ours.'

According to those clever chaps over at The Telegraph, the rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’ took just 44.4 seconds, whereas when Sebastian Vettel wins, the playing of ‘Das Deutchlanleid’ takes over 2 minutes.

'When you're growing up and you see Olympians standing on the podium and you see the old great drivers, you dream of yourself being up there and having the national anthem playing,' Hamilton said.

'When I stand up there and Felipe (Massa) has won, it’s ten minutes long and when I'm standing there it lasts half a minute. I would urge the UK to make our national anthem longer.'

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