Get the most from your sat nav with lane guidance

For an increasing number of us, travelling around the United Kingdom would be almost impossible were it not for our handy sat nav systems. Having exploded in popularity in the past decade, they now feature as standard in many new models of car, offering us a safe and reliable way to ensure we get from A to B with the least amount of hassle.

It's all a far cry from the days where we needed to continually check our position on an old fashioned map, or have our passengers act as co-pilots, pointing out any important signs on the horizon or trying to help us figure out how to get to remote areas using only the vaguest idea of navigational protocol.

Now, these days we just type in our destination plus any areas we'd like to travel via and hit go and our digital co-pilot will do the rest for us, calculating the shortest route using all the information provided to it by us. However this help can only go so far.

Often these sat nav systems can fail to give you enough advance warning to get into the correct lane while driving on busy motorways, and we all know that missing your exit can add hours onto your journey time as you desperately try to figure out another way to your destination.

This has been advanced with the latest technologies included in sat nav manufacturer TomTom's newest devices however. Thanks to advanced algorithms and clever programming, these devices can now advise you which lane you need to be in at all times, ensuring you never miss another turn off or need to carry out potentially dangerous lane changes at the last minute.

You can check out more on TomTom's sat nav lane guidance, as well as getting all the information on the latest GPS units from TomTom's official website, located at www.tomtom.com.

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