Neighbourhood Twitter

Police in Surrey are turning to social networking site Twitter in an attempt to cut car crime.

In what has been dubbed a 21st century version of neighbourhood watch, local police are tweeting details of every car that has been stolen, broken into or vandalised in what it is calling Car Crime Week, running from 11-17 July.

'During the week our staff will be tweeting all vehicle crime incidents that come into the Force's Contact Centre and we are encouraging the public to respond if they have any information that can help us bring the offenders to justice,' said force superintendent Duncan Greenhalgh.

'The incident reports will be interspersed with crime prevention advice reminding motorists how they can work with us to reduce the number of vehicle crime incidents in Surrey by taking a few simple steps.'

Police chief Gavin Stephens told the BBC: 'If you can get another couple thousand pairs of eyes looking out for a vehicle that may have been stolen, or telling their friends to not leave things on display, then that's going to help us even more.'

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