New Aston Martin Zagato

Unveiled supposedly as a on-off in May, the Aston Martin Zagato is set to become reality, with the British supercar manufacturer looking to develop the special edition V12 car and duly slap a wacking price tag on it.

After intial denials, it emerged that the Zagato is virtually guaranteed a limited production run. Now speculation has turned to how much it will cost to land one. While the seven figure sum it takes to purchase the One-77 seems unlikely to be applied, it is likely to cost more than the £175,000 DBS Coupe.

According to Autoweek.nl the price tag is set at a hefty £330k, quite a lot when you consider that it's essentially a V12 Vantage.

But with only 150 examples set for the production line, there seems to be little risk of Aston Martin being saddled with left-over models on their hands. In fact, act quickly if you truly are interested, as they're likely to be snapped up in double-quick time.

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