New BMW 4-Series Revealed Ahead of Frankfurt Launch

Ahead of its launch at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW has unveiled the BMW 4-Series to the press. The new car is longer and wider than the 3-Series coupe it replaces but it produces lower emissions and is sportier.

The larger proportions offer more interior space for passengers but a lot of the new car’s extra length is taken up by the longer bonnet. At launch in October, three engines will be available but three more will follow only a few months after. To begin with owners will be able to opt for a 428i with a four-cylinder petrol engine that develops 245bhp, a 435i with a 306bhp six-cylinder petrol motor and a 420d with a 184bhp diesel under the bonnet.

Of the three, the 435i is the quickest with a 0-62mph time of 5.4 seconds and the 420d is the most economical with a combined 60.1mpg. The 428i sits in between the other two models with a 0-62mph time that’s 0.5 seconds slower and economy figures of 42.8mpg. Each model comes with a six-speed manual transmission, but BMW will make an eight-speed auto gearbox an option soon after launch which gives the initial models better economy and lower emissions.

As you’d expect from BMW, they won’t be keeping the line-up restricted to three cars for long. Future models include a 420i, which with 184bhp will become the entry-level machine, and two other diesels, a 430d with 258bhp and a 435d with 313bhp, will be offered. The 435d will come with the firm’s xDrive four-wheel-drive system and until the M4 version is released, it will be the most powerful 4-Series in the range.

There will be five specs available to UK buyers: SE, Sport, Modern, Luxury and M Sport. Aside from the entry-level SE spec, the others will have 18-inch alloys as standard. The Luxury spec is aimed at businessmen as it comes with BMW’s Business Media Package which gives sat nav and enhanced multimedia capabilities and the M Sport spec lowers the car’s suspension and offers the Sport+ programme through iDrive.

The new BMW 4-Series is on sale from September 2013 starting at £31,575 for the 420d.

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