How to get the best new car deals

Traditionally, getting good new car deals meant haggling on price and being prepared to walk away from a car if the dealer wouldn't meet your expectations. Nowadays you can research the market to find a good deal through a dealer outside of your immediate area or buy from an online retailer. There are also other things you can do to make sure you spend less on your next car.

Buy a Nearly New Car

There are some simple rules to adhere to when looking for new car deals. The first and perhaps the most readily repeated rule is: don’t buy a new car, buy a nearly new car. Pre-registered cars are brand new in all but name. Dealers register them to reach sales targets or to act as demonstrators. They only have a few miles on them but, as you will be considered the second owner, you can save anything up to 20% off the list price.

Never Pay the Asking Price

Another rule to follow is: never pay the asking price. Across the country dealers sell identical cars for different prices, so there is always room to haggle. Buyers should be able to get between 5% and 15% off list price. If you are not sure what price to aim at, check out the What Car? website, whatcar.co.uk, which provides a ‘target price’ for all new cars. It’s also worth noting that dealers will cut more deals in the month preceding the new registration.

Buy from the Internet

If you know the exact make and model you want, you can make significant savings online. Sites like autobytel.co.uk offer great deals and an easy transaction. They will even search their listings for a car that matches your exact specifications and then deliver the car at a time and place that suits you. Other sites worth reviewing include drivethedeal.com and uk-car-discount.co.uk.

Final Word

In today’s depressed market there are lots of ways to find good new car deals. If you are prepared to haggle, you can save money. If you are prepared to research dealers stock, either online or in person, you can save money. At the moment, it’s a buyers’ market, so you won’t have to pay full price. Of course, this isn’t always the case with specialised or exotic cars, but if you are in the market for an everyday production car from one of the popular manufacturers, you could save thousands.

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