New car prices ireland 2011 - think before you buy!

New car prices in Ireland 2011 show that manufacturers have reduced their prices in order to deal with the slump in sales over the last few years. Many people simply don't want petrol cars any more as the cost of fuel keeps steadily rising. Honda reduced the cost of all their models to make them look like a more attractive prospect to potential buyers.

Nissan currently have a scrappage offer that means discounts from €2000 right up to €4750 when a brand new Nissan is purchased from their range. The government scrappage scheme is up to €3000 of a trade in against a new model but the main dealers, realising that today's market is a competitive one, are upping the ante still further. Opel are offering an unprecedented €5000 off a new car up until September.

Browsing online is the quickest way of discovering the myriad of deals in various garages. The Mazda site for example shows locations of Mazda dealers, all the various models available and a comprehensive price list. All dealerships have brochures that you can order or sales staff that you can contact in order to arrange a test drive. These staff will also talk you through the process of applying for finance should you decide to make that decision.

Price comparison websites such as Octane will give you a  very good insight as to what's on offer throughout the country. This site also includes details of prices, engine size and various specifications.

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