New driving test proposal

If you want to drive a car, you have to take a driving test. It’s as simple as that. Don’t take the practical and writing tests and it’s illegal for all drivers to take to the road on their own. As thorough as the British driving test is it’s often been said the exclusion of motorway experience has been a short-sight but instead of adding this to the test it looks like another change may come before it.

Last year 13 people were killed by cars ‘playing Russian roulette’ at train crossings and to raise awareness Network Rail are proposing that the government introduce compulsory questions on level crossings. Ian Coucher the Network Rail chief behind the idea says: ‘Motorists are too often playing Russian roulette with a 200 tonne train. I'm confident that lives will be saved if motorists learn how to safely use level crossings from the day they pass their test.’

Although a minority are to blame, it’s hard to find an argument that holds up against the proposal.

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