New EU MOT Test Rules 2012

From January 1 2012, new EU MOT test rules and regulations issued by the Department of Transport will become effective. Although these changes are relatively minor, it means that you will have to ensure your car meets all the new criteria before an MOT review, or you could be facing a unexpected repair costs.

Main Changes

Electronic Parking Brakes

Electronic parking brakes are now included in the new EU MOT test rules. The original electronic parking brakes must not be inappriopately modified and previous repair will effect the road worthiness of a vehicle.

Warning Lights

As well as electronic brake lighting, the new MOT will check for the function of the following electronic lights, if fitted:

  • Headlight main beam waning light;
  • Brake fluid warning light;
  • Electronic steering warning light;
  • Seatbelt pre-tension warning light.

Suspension and Steering Checks

From 2012, power steering fluid levels must be at the minimum level indicator on the resevoir; anything below this level will result in failure.

The test will also check the presence of the correct steering lock function (where one is fitted) and missing, split or dust cover on the steering and suspension ball-joints may also result in fail if dirt was allows to enter.

Electrical Wiring and Battery

According to new EU MOT rules, an insecure fitted battery, visible insecure wiring or inadequately supported wiring throughout the vehicle will result in failure.

Tyre Pressure Monitors

All tyre pressure monitors fitted in cars after Janauary 2012 must be functioning and fitted correctly.


A car with a Speedometer which is inproperly fitted, has a broken dial or does not light up wil result in failure.

Advisory Service

An advisor service for the new EU MOT test rules 2012 changes is available until March 2013, known as the 'bedding in' period, to provide guidance on new rules. As well as this, the bedding in period will mean any defects found in components listed in these changes will be listed as 'advisory' and not immediately fail.

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