New Ford Focus 2011 Ireland - better than ever before!

New Ford Focus 2011 in Ireland starts at €21,225 for the four door, five speed, 1.6 model and goes up to €27,825 for the four door, 2 litre diesel model. Brochures for all the Focus range can be ordered directly off the Ford website or from any Ford dealership.

The differences between the new model and it's predecessor are subtle but classy.

The interior has a cockpit design with the seating position lower than before. The interior comes in a partial leather or fabric design so there is a range to suit all tastes.

While there are extras that can be bought as part of a package there are also certain features as standard on certain models. The Titanium line for instance comes with ambient lighting that turns the foot well area, cup holder, overhead console and door recess surrounds a warm red in the evenings. (ambient lighting in a choice of 7 different colours and various hue intensities is available in a pack.)

Another feature that's standard on the Titanium series, and also on the Zetec, is the Premium Centre Console which offers a sliding armrest, front and rear power sockets and a Z shaped handbrake!

Ford Powershift is available with the 2 litre TCDi in 115 ps diesel engine. This is a 6 speed dual clutch automatic gearbox that preselects the next gear for you resulting in no loss of power when changing gear. These seamless gear changes save fuel and lower CO2 emissions when compared to a conventional automatic.

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