All you need to know about the new Ford Focus

The new Ford Focus ST has finally arrived and it isn't afraid to shout about it! This car is loud and we don't mean engine noise, nope we are talking colour. Ford have really pushed with the vibrant colours on the ST and they really do say a lot about the car.

While so many vehicles these days have taken to silvers, greys and blacks, The ST is here to bring a little flare back to your driving experience. Car manufacturers seem to assume that everyone wants the same boring colours, washed out colours. Well, ford want you to stand out from the crowd.

The Ford Focus has always taken into account your everyday needs. Comfortable seats, a large boot and all the standard gadgets come with the ST fresh off the show floor. With all of that does the ST manage to still perform? Yes, Yes it does.

It is actually great in the performance area thanks to it's fantastic grip and it's 2.5l turbo charged engine. Stomp your foot on the accelerator and you will really see what this car is made of. The ST can do 0-60mph in around 6.5seconds and has clocked speeds of 150mph.

Basically Ford have managed to make the perfect blend of performance and practicality. This is the type of car that you can really kick into gear or, give to your mum when she goes shopping.

The new Ford Focus ST base model is available for only £17,000 and is well worth it's price!

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