New Ford Focus charge station

OK, so we’re all new to the idea of Electric Vehicles. For the novices out there, let us just mention that these new vehicles need to come with a recharging cable and – duh – a recharger!

We’ve all seen the fancy pics of the new Ford Focus EV, but here’s the equally snazzy looking recharging station. And Ford has stolen march over its competitors by making it not permanent.

So, without having to make holes in your wall to fit it you can simply plug it in to a 240-volt outlet. Just like an adapter. And the station will work with all Ford plug-in hybrids and EVs.

’We’re delivering an industry-leading charge station that offers customers not only the best value, but also tremendous flexibility,’ said Mike Tinskey, manager of vehicle electrification and infrastructure at Ford. ‘It’s just one part of how Ford is making Focus Electric a simpler driving solution for customers.’

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