New measures on potholes

If you’re a pot-hole fearing driver, be sure to take a tape measure with you when you venture out today.

Drivers in Stockport are being encouraged to report potholes to the local council and provide some sort of evidence that they are big enough to warrant repairing.

A short term measure if ever we heard of one (geddit?).

So essentially citizens are being asked to get out of their cars and fool about in the middle of a road with a tape measure and camera. The AA slammed the advice as ‘very dangerous’.

‘Expecting drivers to hit the streets armed with tape measures and cameras is perhaps taking civic responsibility too far,’ said RAC director Stephen Glaister.
’The best solution would be for councils to maintain their roads adequately before the need to complain arises,’ he added.

Under new guidelines, Stockport council will only fix potholes that are more than 1.5 inches deep and 12 inches wide, and are hence asking for photographic evidence.

Stockport council’s Highways chief Iain Robert was told to check a pothole's measurements when he called to report one.
’I think they were genuinely trying to be helpful and to organise it in the most effective way so officers can fix the most number of potholes they can. But we need to get the balance right,’ he said.

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