New ‘mini’ Mini on the way?

The Mini brand could develop a small car for parent company BMW, according to brand boss Wolfgang Armbrecht.

Armbrecht hinted to a German newspaper to expect some news in the coming months about a ‘mini’ Mini that would prove the BMW group's smallest vehicle.

‘We have always been motivated by the idea to build a small spacious car,’ he told the Financial Times Deutschland newspaper.

All eyes will be on the Detroit auto show, where he promised a taste of ‘the next spectacular idea from the Mini brand’ in an interview published on Monday. ‘Keep a close eye on the coming months,’ he added, coyly.

Mini has plans to launch a new roadster in 2011 in coupe and cabriolet versions. It hopes that the product expansion will help the company reach sales of 300,000 units.

But BMW’s development chief Klaus Draeger has warned that Mini should lay off building too many big cars to protect its brand image.

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