New Mini to cost less

When Mini's new coupe is put on the market later this year, it will be priced from £16,640 – making it cheaper than a Micra.

It looks a rather sleek little number too, with Mini claiming a 'level of chassis quality unmatched in the small car segment' and promising a 0-62mph time of just 6.4 seconds – so blink and you'll miss it.

While very much resembling the old Mini we all know and love, there are marked differences to the upper half of the car: the windscreen is 13 degrees more sharply raked, and the overall height has been reduced by 29mm.

But despite its sporty aspirations, the Coupe has a luggage space that at 280 litres is 20 litres more than the Clubman estate.

The entry price is, as we mentioned, £16,640, and the top of the range 208bhp JCW, which apparently can reach speeds of 149mph, will set you back £23,795. The grand unveiling will happen later summer, and barring incident and accident the new Mini should be in showrooms from 1 October.

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