New Routemaster unveiled

When former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone pulled off the famous Routemaster buses from our capital’s streets not only were American film directors peeved that their clichéd shots would lack the rudimentary passing bus but at the time Livingston said the reason was two fold: save money and safety reasons, two things no one could really complain about. But they did - big time.

When Boris Johnson took over Mayoral duties in 2008 the first thing he announced was that he was intending on bringing back the famous red buses, and recently a massive step towards that was taken after he official unveiled what they will look like. What’s extremely cool about the new vehicle is that it has been designed by sports car manufacturers Aston Martin with a little aid from respected architects Foster & Partners and Wilstshire bus makers Capoco.

The new futuristic Routemasters will be on the roads in time for the Olympic Games in 2012.

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