New SUV cars for 2015 by BMW, Jeep, Hyundai ...

The SUV market is a big part of the overall new car market. So much so that there are now lots of different subcategories of SUV. We’ll take you through each of the new SUV cars for 2015 including models from BMW, Hyundai and Jeep.

Small luxury crossovers

BMW undoubtedly make one of the best small luxury cars on the market in the BMW 1-Series so you won’t be surprised to read that the BMW X1 is just as good. You’ll only get between 18 and 27mpg with this one but sporty suspension and precise steering make it a joy to drive on and off road. Depending on where you’ll be completing the majority of your miles, you can get it in front wheel drive or all-wheel drive. This one’s available from the autumn.

Premium SUV

If you think that the BMW is luxurious that’s nothing compared with what’s expected from the new Bentley SUV. It’s changed completely from the concept car that’s been doing the rounds and there’s some debate among those who can afford its £140,000 price tag whether we’ll see it in 2015 or 2016.

Family SUV

The Ford Edge won’t be out until the fourth quarter of 2015 but when it arrives it’s expected to push Ford towards the premium end of the market. You’ll get luxuries like a 10 inch touch-screen and plenty of room in the cabin. There’s 1788 litres of boot space and we’ve been told to expect impressive fuel economy for a car of this size and weight. As you can see from our lead image.

Affordable SUV

A new shape Hyundai ix35 will also be launched in 2015. If it’s like the current model, you can expect it to be cheaper and better equipped than many rivals like the Nissan Qashqai.

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