New technologies to make driving easier, safer and greener

If you have not been following car trends, you’ll be amazed at the new technologies available now to make driving easier. These innovative ideas are already in the works and some are going to be used on new car models coming out this year. Are you ready for exciting technology features in the pipeline?


  • 'Dynamic-spotlight technology' by BMW

Remember how annoying it is to drive in the dark even when streets are well-lit? Pedestrians who wear dark clothes do not help either as it is difficult to spot them until sometimes it’s too late. One of the new technologies developed to make driving easier in the dark is the “dynamic-spotlight technology” by BMW. It uses an infrared camera mounted in front to pick out silhouettes of animals and human beings. The software will alert lights to switch on and will also show up on the dashboard or the windscreen. Now isn’t that cool?

  • 9th gear for fuel efficiency

ZF Friedrichshafen AG is the German transmission maker responsible for producing 9 speed transmission gears. While a 6-speed transmission already improves fuel consumption by heaps, imagine what 9 gears can do. It will improve fuel efficiency by as much as 10 to 16%.

  • Electronic driving

Driving a car translates actions of the driver on the steering wheel to direct the 4 wheels of the vehicle which is a mechanical action. With the new system, signals are sent electronically from the steering wheel to the wheels. There is still a mechanical backup should electronics fail. The Infiniti Q50 by Nissan will feature this ‘steer-by-wire system’ including an advance cruise control and braking systems.

  • Inflatable seatbelts

The introduction of air bags in the last decades has saved many lives or reduced injuries in cases of collisions and crashes. To prevent injuries from the classic lap and shoulder belts, Swedish manufacturer Autoliv has come up with inflatable seatbelts. Ford Motors have already installed this tech on 2011 Ford Explorers. Mercedes-Benz will also use them now for their class-S sedans.

And more

There is also the possibility to design and customise your own dashboard by toggling a dial on the steering wheel. You can change parameters from miles to kilometres or seek information and route planning. This is one of the new technologies from Lexus to make driving easier and more comfortable.

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