Nice car ... even nicer property

When you’re trying to sell your house in these desperate times, you’ll try any trick in the book, and now some sellers are throwing in their cars as bait to sell property.

Last year, a man in Buckinghamshire offered his 36-year-old Triumph TR6 to any party willing to pay the full asking price of £895,000 for his house.

‘It’s common practice for people opening shops or night clubs to park one of our cars outside in order to lift the tone,’ said Nik Hardwick, of SupercarExperiences.com, ‘so it would make sense for some private house sellers.’

Tom Hudson, of Middleton Advisors, a company trading in estates and country houses, ‘the nearer you get to London – where the ostentatious display of wealth is more common – the less likely it is that what you see is what you get.’

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