Nissan attempts a bizarre record attempt

The Nissan Leaf will attempt this weekend to become the fastest car to drive backwards up the Goodwood Festival of Speed's famous hillclimb.

The vehicle will go boot first, attempting to reach the car's maximum reverse speed of 90mph over the hill. If that goes to plan, a second record attempt will be made. This time a Nissan Juke will be used to navigate up the course on only two wheels.

Driver for the day will be professional stunt man Terry Grant. 'I've experienced Goodwood before but never attempted to set a new record,' he said. 'To have the chance to grab not only one but two records at the same event will hopefully provide everyone with a very entertaining spectacle.'

Nissan will also have on display for the first time the Leaf NISMO RC, a racing car version of the electric car designed to show that electric vehicles can be fast, furious and sexy.

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