Great Value with Nissan Motability

Nissan Motability deserves every ounce of your consideration if you are looking to avail of the Motability scheme. Nissan have worked really hard on putting together a package that is designed to get you mobile for reasonable money and as little stress as possible. Lets take a look at the Nissan Motability package in more detail.

Fantastic Package Filled with Perks

The Motability scheme works for a disabled person by using their motability allowance or pensioners motability allowance to lease a car that is set up for their needs. Through Nissan Motability you can choose any Nissan car model that has a zero advance payment option and your allowance will cover it. Also, if you are in a position to pay extra for a higher spec car then Nissan will accept an advance payment on top of your allowance and you will be on the road and mobile in no time.

The Nissan Motability programme includes a list of impressive things that will make it a hard decision to lease a car from another manufacturer in the UK including a new Nissan car every 3 years. Most importantly, Nissan will make the necessary alterations and adaptations users of the Motability scheme require at no extra cost. Each Nissan leased under the scheme also comes with insurance and tax included in the lease price as well as all service costs covered by Nissan.

Through Nissan Motability you can nominate 2 drivers to be covered by your car insurance allowing for some flexibiilty on splitting the driving chores between you and someone of your choosing.

The most popular cars from Nissan under the scheme are the Nissan Micra and the Nissan Note as both models come with £0 advance payment. However, if your heart desires a Nissan Juke or Qashqai then both of these are available at £49 advance payment.

Pricing Information

For more information on the Nissan Motability scheme then head over to at www.nissan.co.uk/GB/en/vehicles/hub/motability.html. Here, you will find plenty of information on the Motability scheme and all that it entails, a rundown on each Nissan car available under the scheme along with pricing and financing options.

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