Nissan sees into the future

Nissan are breaking new grounds for bravado with an astonishing claims about its future productivity.

The Japanese manufacturer predicts that during the next five years it will manage to introduce a new model to the market every six weeks.

The plan, code named Nissan Power 88, makes for impressive reading. By 2016 Nissan claims that it will be the biggest manufacturer of light commercial vehicles in the world (implying that it will make more than even the Ford Transit) and by so doing will take 8 percent of the world market.

The same period will see, it assuredly predicts, manufacture of Infiniti grow from 150,000 cars to 500,000 cars a year.

Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn claims: 'Nissan Power 88 is a demanding business plan, but our company has a proven track record of achieving challenging objectives.'

See you at the finish line then.

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