Nissan’s new Cube

If you asked any mild petrol head would they rather a car that was efficient and eco-friendly or a piece of four-wheel eye candy then no doubt the majority would go for the later – now enter the new Nissan Cube.

The Cube is anything but easy on the idea, with its poke your eye out corners. It's not quite ‘edgy’ more ‘lots of edges’. But it’s built with 100% practicality in mind, the back seats simply slide forward to pop your weekly shop in no bother, it takes an age to burn any petrol, there’s not just leg room - there’s an abundance of head room thanks to its cube design and all for £14,000. Nice.

Initial feedback has described the Nissan Cube as a car made out of Duplo Lego that a postman with the name of Pat would be proud of.

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