'No points hoarder'

Racing legend Niki Lauda has this season made many pro-Vettel comments and a fair few anti-Hamilton ones. His praise for the German driving wizard continued when, writing in Swiss newspaper Blick, the Austrian revealed how impressed he was with Vettel's out and out attacking style on display at Monza recently, when Vettel extended his lead in the F1 drivers' championship to 100 points

Making explicit referens to how the champion-elect overtook Fernando Alonso on the road to victory, Lauda said: 'Any other driver would have tackled this race strategically with the championship standings constantly in mind.

'Many points without risk' -- that is the all-too-logical motto that I have used in similar situations,' added the 62-year-old driving veteran.

'But, no, Vettel has proved with his killer instinct and aggressiveness that he is a true racer, not a points-hoarder.'

The team's Helmut Marko was in thrall to Vettel's recent performance at Monza, calling it a 'masterpiece' and assures racing fans that Vettel is prepared to keep attacking all the way until the end of the season.

And he said the same of the Red Bull racing philosophy, adding. 'Driving safe races is not our philosophy. We are always on full attack and new parts are already going out to Singapore.'

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