No rest for sleepy drivers

Plans to build a network of rest areas, in order to combat the problem of driver fatigue, on UK motorways and trunk roads have fallen victim to the Government's austerity measures.

The proposals for rest areas loomed large in the 2006 Road Safety Act, as well as plans to develop 'alcolocks' – devices that prevented you from starting the car if you have been drinking.

In other European countries, so-called 'picnic spots' provide drivers with a chance for drivers to recharge their batteries during a long journey. But in those cases, the rest areas are funded by road tolls, something the government is none too keen on.

Robert Gifford, Executive Director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, is worried the government is not taking the problem of fatigue seriously enough.

He said: 'Fatigue is a very significant factor in crashes at night on the motorway network. If rest areas have proven too expensive, the government needs to renew its advertising campaign to get the message through to drivers about the need to take a break before you fall asleep at the wheel.'

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